Aloha Hawaii

The 14-day trans-Pacific cruise included three stops in Hawaii.  The first one, Kailua-Kona on the island of Hawaii, came after 6 straight days at sea.  I had more than a small case of cabin fever, so I ventured out in spite of overcast skies.


Cloudy skies in Kona

I walked with a couple friends to find food.  We ended up at Datelight Mind Coffee Company, a cute café with an ocean view.  I ordered avocado toast with a poached egg and a coffee fashioned—coffee, whiskey, and simple syrup (two of my favorite things in one glass!).  We, as crew members often do, peacefully coexisted while catching up with friends and family at home.  After 6 sea-days, it was great to have cell service and be able to check in!


After lunch, I continued wandering with one of my friends.  We walked through a market, but found most of the gifts underwhelming.  I ended up purchasing a pair of rose gold sunglasses (perfect for cloudy days) and local Kona coffee at other stores as we worked our way back towards the port.  Before getting back onboard, I stopped for an amber ale at Paradise Brewing Company.  It felt so nice to be on land, that I was maximizing my time out!

The next Hawaiian port was Lahaina, Maui.  My friend and I went out with no plans, but hoping to find an adventure.  We looked into prices for helicopter tours, and ended up getting tickets for an underwater adventure on an Atlantis submarine.  The 45-minute tour took us to a depth of over 125 feet.  We saw the Carthaginian, a sunken ship that provides a home for a variety of coral, fish, and marine life, as well as eagle rays, and a small shark.

After returning to water level, we went to Cheeseburger in Paradise for lunch.  We had a nice table in the window, so we were able to enjoy another ocean view as we ate a remarkably unhealthy meal.  Next, we did a bit of window shopping as we walked around town.  The day ended with a Mai Tai at Down the Hatch with friends that had just returned from a day of golf.  Food, friends, and an adventure made for a perfect day!


Sipping on my mai tai

My final port in Hawaii was Honolulu, Oahu.  I had been hoping to go skydiving, but due to Coast Guard inspection, didn’t have time.  Instead, I did the typical tourist thing and went to Waikiki Beach.  I ate lunch at the Beach Bar at the Moana Surfrider Hotel, a Westin property.  I enjoyed a mahi mahi sandwich under the shade of an umbrella before hitting the beach.


My fair, sensitive skin is not made for sunbathing, so I ended up spending most of my time walking down the beach.  I ran into a number of friends from the ship, and enjoyed seeing different parts of the famous beach.  My friends were going to stay out to do a bit of shopping, so I hopped in a cab with a musician from the ship orchestra.  Our driver claimed to be a violin maker and instructor, and talked our ears off the whole drive.  My fellow passenger and I ended up becoming great friends after that cab ride!


Waikiki Beach

All three ports in Hawaii were fantastic.  I can certainly see the appeal of Hawaiian life!  Once my dancing days are over, you may find me on an island, relaxing in the sunshine (or shade… let’s be realistic).

2 thoughts on “Aloha Hawaii

  1. You know I lived in Honolulu for two and half years. Hawaii s a divine place to be. I loved your tales. All the best for 2018. Lots of love Ann

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