Crazy Crocodiles

After months in Asia, we have now moved on to Australia season!  Our first port was in Darwin on Halloween.  A few friends decided to take it easy at a nice public pool near the ship, since we were all a bit sleep deprived after the Halloween party the night before.  I opted to go into town and visit Crocosaurus Cove, a zoo of sorts, full of crocodiles!

Giant croc!

Giant croc!

There were crocs of all ages and sizes.  I was able to poke my head up through a glass dome and be face to face with some babies.  I walked under a massive crocodile swimming in a tank, but chose not to go in the Cage of Death, a glass tank that would put me in the water with him.

Crocodiles in Darwin

Crocodiles in Darwin

One of the most exciting parts of the day was feeding some of the young crocodiles. I dangled a fishing pole with ox heart over the glass wall of a small platform and waited, momentarily, for the crocodiles to jump up and get it.  I shrieked quite a bit, but in retrospect, it was pretty cool.

Feeding the little ones

Feeding the little ones

The other terrifying but awesome experience was holding a baby crocodile named Fuzzy.  One of the employees guided me through a photo shoot with him.  I put him on my shoulder, draped him over my head, and even gave him a little kiss.  Even though his mouth was held shut with a rubber band, I was uncomfortable with his face so close to mine!

Me and Fuzzy

Me and Fuzzy

We ended the day with lunch at a pub and a bit of shopping, then went back on board to catch up on sleep!


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