Buddies, Beach, Brunch, and Bars

Since my Sample of Sydney post, I spent a few more fabulous days exploring the city.  I wanted to share some of the other highlights.

Picnic at the Botanic Gardens

The gang at a picnic

The gang at a picnic

One of my fellow dancers and close friends had to sign off due to an injury.  Luckily, she lived outside Sydney and was able to drive in to spend the day with us when we were in port.  One such day, we invited our cast, some of the ice skaters, and a few other friends from the ship to join us for a potluck style picnic at the Botanic Gardens.  We had an abundance of food, a frisbee to play with, and great company!  It was one of my favorite afternoons in the city.

Manly Beach

Manly Beach

Manly Beach

We took the ferry from Sydney Harbor, right next to the ship, to Manly Beach.  Between the ferry terminal and the beach were a number of cute shops and restaurants.  The beach was beautiful.  It was less crowded than Bondi, so we had space to play frisbee. Again.  There was no shade to be found, so I unfortunately had to retire early.  My poor, pale skin can only take so much sun!  If I am able to return in the future, I hope to take advantage of the surfing lessons available!

The Coffee Club

Girls reunited at brunch

Girls reunited at brunch

Our last day in Sydney, the remaining female dancers in the cast met our local friend and injured castmate for brunch.  We had been to The Coffee Club two or three times already, and enjoyed it every time!  The eggs benedict is amazing!  We ended up sitting there for hours, catching up and laughing.  It was a great setting for a friend date.

I’ve also visited a Coffee Club in Noumea, New Caledonia!  Obviously, I’m a fan.

Barhopping Near the Port

Walking near the ship

Walking near the harbor

After brunch, we met up with a few other friends to grab a drink.  We ended up passing through a few bars, and enjoyed a nice walk along the way.  Our first stop was Jackson’s on George, an Irish pub with a patio in front and, best of all, wifi!  Next, we attempted to go to Palmer & Co, a speakeasy that one of the guys accidentally stumbled across on a previous port day, but it was closed.  We continued on to Hart’s Pub where we found a nice table outside and a nice pint of cider.  Our last stop was a bit of a hike away, but is one of the oldest pubs in Sydney.  We were seeking Lord Nelson, but ended up stopping nearby at the Hero of Waterloo.  The bar was recently renovated, but is in a great area, full of character, and has a great selection on tap.  It was an awesome way to spend our last afternoon in Sydney!

I’m going to miss this city, but am so glad I was able to have such wonderful experiences there!

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