Born to Fly

The last week of rehearsals was intense.  We were running all 3 shows, and also cleaning our Vegas show to get ready for our office run.  An “office run” is when we perform one production show in front of the staff, other casts in the studios, and local family and friends at the end of the rehearsal period.  It allows the staff to ensure that we are ready for the ship and are maintaining the integrity of the shows.  Since we were the only cast in rehearsals for a few days, we also had staff members pop in to watch us run the other two shows.

The cast

The cast

By the time we were performing on Friday, I was worn out!  Learning three shows was physically demanding, but was also mentally exhausting.  There are so many details in the choreography, and some of the techniques are still sort of unfamiliar, so my brain was never really resting.  Despite my exhaustion, the office run went really well!  The whole cast felt happy with our performance, and we got some nice feedback form the audience.  I had some family member in attendance, and really enjoyed talking with them after the show.

Office Run

Office Run

The following day, we were back at the studio!  We spent Saturday cleaning our ballroom show, and Sunday worked on the Welcome number, Farewell show, and our Rock themed production show.  It was a busy day, but I feel much more confident with all the material now!

We match!  Cast jackets!

We match! Cast jackets!

Sunday and Monday new casts were arriving.  4 of my friends from my last ship are now here!  It was so great catching up with them.  I’m excited to hear about their upcoming contracts, but selfishly wish they could come with me!  I’m still getting used to the constant goodbyes that are part of this lifestyle.



I spent Monday running errands and packing.  This evening, we will be flying to London!  We land in the morning, and have the rest of the day to go into the city and explore.  It’s been years since I’ve been to London, so I’m really excited.  The following morning, we will drive out to join the ship, and then the real madness begins!

My people :-)

My people 🙂

I feel like this rehearsal period has flown by!  I’m loving my cast, and worked with some great choreographers.  It has been such a positive experience thus far, and I can’t wait to see what the next few months will bring!

Smile!  Po is here!

Bye, bye Po!

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