Fantastic France

We stopped in Villefranche, a small town between Nice and Monte Carlo on a perfect, sunny day. I got off the ship with a fellow dancer, hoping to find food and wine. We took a tender boat from the ship to the terminal. During the boat ride, I enjoyed some fantastic views and a nice, light breeze.

On the tinder boat

On the tender boat

Once on land, we walked through a small outdoor market, then wove our way through some small side streets, looking for a good place to stop. We settled on a restaurant near the water, where I had some delicious pizza and a mediocre glass of rose.

Beautiful town

Beautiful town

After lunch, my friend went to find her boyfriend, and I went back to the market to buy a locally made perfume. I then stopped at a small café, where I had another glass of rose. This time, the wine was great! Sitting outside, sipping vino, and people watching was the perfect way to end my day out.

Looking for a restaurant

Looking for a restaurant

This cruise has confirmed my desire to move to the Mediterranean. I never want to go home!

Wandering the streets

Wandering the streets

2 thoughts on “Fantastic France

  1. The Mediterranean is beautiful….but I would miss you too much, if you lived there!! Glad you’re enjoying this contract!

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