Riveting Reykjavik

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

For years, I’ve wanted to go to Iceland.  Particularly, to Reykjavik.  My ex-boyfriend went there for New Years two years in a row, and raved about the city and the sights.  Last cruise, I was finally able to go and see it for myself.

I signed up for a crew tour to the Blue Lagoon.  We boarded a bus right outside the cruise terminal and were on our way!  The bus ride was beautiful.  There were mountains, rainbows, lakes, and a surprising number of American chain restaurants.  KFC advertisements are much more amusing in Icelandic!



When we arrived, we quickly went in to get changed.  We had to shower before going into the lagoon, and were warned to keep our hair out of the water.  Apparently, the sulfur in the water leaves hair straw like.  There was a bar in the lagoon, so I enjoyed a strawberry champagne while floating about.  The water was warm, so it was like wading in a milky blue hot tub.  I can’t remember a time I felt so relaxed!

After returning to the ship, we got cleaned up to go back out and enjoyed the night.  It’s rare to be on land at night, so we were taking full advantage!



We took a cab to the Laundromat Cafe, a bar/restaurant suggested by a local friend.  We tried a local beer, Borg Brio, and had a shot of Brennivin.  The bartender suggested the shot since it is Iceland’s signature distilled beverage.  It is similar to vodka, but I found it slightly easier to drink.



ur next stop was The English Pub right across the street.  Half the crew was there!  The bar had live music, good beer, and tons of people.  We stayed until closing time, and then slowly made our way back home to the ship.  It was an incredible day and crazy night.  Reykjavik certainly did not disappoint!

2 thoughts on “Riveting Reykjavik

  1. Goodness sakes, now you are all the way North. I, like you, loved Iceland. I was there in May – as the days were getting longer. It was so blue and green. What fun you are having. Yea, for Casey!

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