Time to Restore Sanity

Our turnaround port this contract is Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This means that every Sunday for the next 5 months, I will be in Fort Lauderdale. Compared to some of my other turnaround ports, such as Sydney, Australia and San Juan, Puerto Rico, it isn’t very exciting. It is, however, great for restoring my sanity.

Marina in Fort Lauderdale

Marina in Fort Lauderdale

The knowledge that every Sunday I will be able to use my phone and speak to my family takes some of the pressure off when I’m in other ports. I am able to enjoy the cities and beaches, rather than always be hunting out a good wifi spot. I also know that if I need to stock up on beauty products or snacks, I have access to familiar stores and brands. Having once been forced to buy stage makeup in South Korea, I am especially appreciative.

Brunch buddies

Brunch buddies

The best part of turnaround day is brunch! I’ve had three brunch outings with friends, and each one has been better than the last. Our first Fort Lauderdale day, I went with my roommate and dance captain to Foxy Brown. I ordered a Bloody Mary with bacon, crab cake eggs benedict, and we had donut holes with Apple Jacks Cereal milk for the table. It was delicious! After our meal, we walked to a Starbucks down the street and then stopped at CVS.

The following week, we were going to try a new spot, but it didn’t start serving food until noon. Instead of waiting, we returned to Foxy Brown. My good friend/first ship roommate joined us there! It was great to catch up with her again before she joined her ship 5 days later. We sat on the covered patio, and, being caught up in conversation, may have overstayed our welcome! The food, again, did not disappoint. We ordered donut holes, and then I had a prime rib eggs benedict and a pomegranate mimosa. After eating, we again set off on errands.

Farewell brunch

Farewell brunch

My latest brunch adventure was at Coconuts. We had an outdoor table of 4 overlooking a marina. The setting was lovely, but the food was even better! The table was given complimentary mini donuts with a coffee glaze. I started with a coffee and a bellini. My main course, lobster eggs benedict (are you noticing a theme?), was incredible. Since we were still enjoying our location, the wait staff, and the food, we ended up sharing an order of the special French toast of the day. It was stuffed with marshmallow fluff and chocolate, coated with Corn Flakes, fried, and topped with powdered sugar and more chocolate. I couldn’t have had more than a few bites, but it was amazing.

Lobster Eggs Benedict

Lobster Eggs Benedict

Other turnaround days have been spent shopping at TJ Maxx, Ross, and Publix, and eating at Panera and Gyroville. I hope to soon rent bikes and ride to the beach, but until that day comes, I am satisfied with my simple days with food, shopping, and phone calls!


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