Obladee Oblada

Royal Caribbean has their own resort type area in Labadee, Haiti, with beaches, buffets, a zip line, shops, and even a roller coaster. For our first outing in Labadee, I went with a few cast mates to Columbus Cove, one of the beaches farther from the port.

Lovely Ladabee

Lovely Ladabee

We found some lounge chairs, and then rented rafts for the water. It felt amazing to float around, and I was reluctant to get out when more of our friends arrived.

Let's play!

Let’s play!

I spent the next few hours in and out of the water. When I got hungry, I ate a burger at the nearby buffet, even though that was the last thing I should have eaten in a bikini! After another dip in the ocean, I played with some friends with a ball and paddle. My hand-eye coordination was pretty terrible, but it was fun to play a game.

Gorgeous view of the ship

Gorgeous view of the ship

I find that the sun wears me out quickly, so I was the first person in the group to head back to the ship. I ordered a Labadoozie, the island’s signature drink, to enjoy as I walked.

Stuffing my face

Stuffing my face

After getting to my cabin, I was able to speak with my boyfriend, who is still working on another ship. I had a great day out, but talking to him was the icing on the cake!

View from the gangway

View from the gangway

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