The Long and Winding Road

As nice as it is to be home, I am quickly becoming restless. Usually, even if I’m not dancing, I can go to the gym, do GYROTONIC, or go to yoga. Now, I feel like a caged bird. I have too much pent up energy, and am struggling to find a release.

I haven’t lived in Texas full time since 2009, so most of my friends here have either moved away or have lost touch. I have two close friends that are still around, and a buddy from my first ship recently moved to the area. I’ve reached out to them a lot since I returned. We’ve met up for coffee dates, lunches, and drinks (with the ship friend).

Obviously in Texas...

Obviously in Texas…

I was invited to tag along at a Halloween party hosted by dancers in the ballet I company I used to be a part of. I know a few of the dancers still, and enjoyed catching up with them. It was a little unsettling to see how much the company has changed since I left, though. There were so many new (and young!) faces. I had little time to prepare a costume, so I wore an elephant onesie that I bought in Australia for a jungle themed party. My mom reconstructed the trunk, and the result was, in my opinion, pretty impressive. I found the costume choice amusing, since I was clomping around like an elephant in my walking boot.

Ta Da! I'm an elephant!

Ta Da! I’m an elephant!

Physically, I’m improving quickly. Each physical therapy session is more demanding than the last, but I can see progress every time. I am now doing heel raises and biking, and have started balancing on one leg. I am working to find symmetry between both sides, so I am also balancing on a shifting board, doing squats on an incline, and as of Monday, I’m attempting small jumps on an incline. I still need to wear my walking boot when I’m going long distances, but can now walk in just supportive shoes most of the time.

Little sleeve for extra support

Little sleeve for extra support

I, sadly, canceled my vacation to see my boyfriend, since reality has gotten in the way of our relationship. I have reached out to friends around the country and on ships, and have received a lot of support from my family. My aunt sent an adorable get-well card, and one of my sisters has booked a trip to come visit me. My parents, as always, have been amazing. They’ve listened to me whine, stress, and cry with remarkable patience. I’m extremely grateful for the incredible people that are helping me as I continue on the road to recovery.

Cute pups will always cheer me up

Cute pups will always cheer me up

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