Another Adventure

At long last, I am back in Miami for rehearsals! I’ve actually been back for a few weeks, but got so caught up in whirlwind of activity I was unable to write. Please forgive me!


Dreamworks visited our rehearsal!

Rehearsals on a Thursday, so I was able to ease in! The first morning was Orientation, and then we learned a hip-hop routine in the afternoon. The next day we started our first production show, which we finished just a week later! 3 dancers in the cast, myself included, have already done this ship and the shows, so we are learning very quickly. We are now almost done with our second production show, and have also learned mob dance, the “Welcome Aboard” number, and a “Farewell” dance. We’ve jumped back and forth between regular shift and night shift, so my schedule has been less consistent than usual. Luckily, my ankle is holding up well! I have been biking and doing some other physical therapy exercises in the morning and icing and massaging it every night. I’ve had a few other minor aches and pains, which are to be expected after such a long break, but I’m feeling strong.


Easter cookies

Outside the studio, I’ve enjoyed getting to know my new cast! I was assigned a room with my good friend/first ship roommate, and have had a blast spending time with her again! The rest of the cast has a range of experience. We have 3 new hires and 3-4 members that have done 6+ contracts. My roommate and I fall somewhere in the middle, with 3 contracts under our belts. As usual with a group of dancers, food has been very important. The cast had a potluck brunch on Easter Sunday, and has also enjoyed a couple nights out at Duffy’s. I’ve eaten delicious brunches at Green Eggs Café and First Watch, and hope to go to Drag Brunch in South Beach sometime soon. Although my kitchen is the size of a small closet, I’ve managed to bake cookies and feed a few friends a big spaghetti dinner. I’m trying to cook as much as I can, since I won’t have kitchen access on board!


Homemade brunch

In other news, I chopped my hair off, donating about 12 inches to Children with Hair Loss. I love how light it feels now! I also went on a bit of a shopping spree. Most of my purchases, such as linens, face products, and soaps, have already been boxed up and sent to the ship. Hopefully I can keep my luggage fees down by sending some things ahead! I’ve spent the rest of my free time communicating with my man on Viber, chatting with family, or watching HGTV at my apartment. Something about home renovation shows is really soothing. Is that strange, considering I don’t have a home of my own?


Bye, bye hair!

I will be in Miami for another 3.5 weeks, during which I will learn a third production show and perform in the studio for the staff. Although I have been and will continue to be working hard, I’m having a great time, and am so happy to be back in the studio!

**Please check out my friend’s article, How to Fake Your Way Through a Wine List in 4 Steps—it’s amusing and informative for the novice wine-o.


Night out at Duffy’s

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