Living the Good Life

After late shows on Day 2 of last cruise, I rolled out of bed to sneak backstage and call my beau. The 6-hour time difference can make it difficult to find time to talk, so I was happy to catch him for a whole hour before his evening shift started! By the time I was done, my roommate and some other friends were up and moving, so we were able to get off the ship together.


Gardens at Palms Court

Although I’ve been to St. Kitts many times, I hadn’t yet been to Palms Court, a small hotel with gardens and a pool just a 15-minute walk from the port. Last week I was finally able to go! There was a light breeze cutting through the heat, so the walk there was quite pleasant. Upon reaching the hotel, we ran into other friends and cast members. The pool, bar, and restaurant were filled almost exclusively with crew! They charged a $12 fee for using the pool and lounge chairs, but it was totally worth it.


Infinity pool

The pool has an infinity edge and overlooks the port. The surrounding gardens were full of large flowers in luscious colors. It was very comfortable, more like a backyard than a hotel. The staff was friendly and attentive, and the food was tasty. I ate shrimp tacos with a side of buttery rice, and drank a smooth and thick mango daiquiri. It was a perfect, relaxing day!


Shrimp tacos

The next day, the Cruise Division—dancers, singers, sport staff, youth staff, cruise staff—went on a catamaran tour in Antigua. It was a large, rambunctious group, but made for a very entertaining day. Shortly after we met on the pier, it started pouring rain. We trudged through the sheets of water to the catamaran, and waited for the rain to slow down. The staff opened the bar as soon as we stepped onboard, so the wait wasn’t terrible! As soon as the rain stopped, they wiped down the benches and floors, and we set sail.


Private beach on a cloudy morning

My only previous catamaran tour had ended with me sitting in the back seasick, so this time, I took some dramomine before leaving the ship. Despite the bad weather, the water was smooth, and my precautions were probably unnecessary. Better safe than sorry, though! The ride to our first stop was cloudy but beautiful. The softened light streaming through the clouds enhanced the rich shades of green coloring the island. After 20-30 minutes of sailing, we pulled up at a small beach. There were some colorful shacks that may be shops on other days, but on that day, the beach was deserted. We entered the water with drinks in hand, played with a football, and splashed around.


Can’t complain!

Our next stop was another lush cove. Set dropped anchor and were able to dive off the side of the boat! After playing in the water for a while, we climbed back onboard to return to the port. The final ride was a big party. The guest DJ, DJ Smiley, was playing music, and we were singing and dancing the whole time. I was tired but hungry, so before returning to the ship, I stopped for a delicious lamb and chicken gyro in town. When I got back onboard, I hopped in bed for about 3 hours. The day had been incredibly fun, but the sea and sun wore me out!


Gorgeous cove

These port days were wonderful ways to celebrate the end of install. I can’t wait to share more days like these with my friends and cast mates in the upcoming months.

3 thoughts on “Living the Good Life

  1. My goodness but you are having fun. Go for it. And, have a swim for me! It’s freezing in SF – it’s summertime!

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