One Happy Island

I wish I had a good excuse for my recent absence, but unfortunately, I don’t! Sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy things in the moment. I’m currently confined to my cabin with bronchitis, so I decided now is a great time to catch up on the past 2 months of adventure.


Walking on the beach

Oranjestad, Aruba is hands down one of my favorite ports. There is good food, nice shopping, and a multitude of gorgeous beaches. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Aruba Beach Club 3 or 4 times. At the resort, I have taken relaxing strolls down the beach, played beach volleyball, swum in the rolling waves, and taken advantage of the food and drink offerings. Ricardo’s, the bar and restaurant at the club, offers 2-for-1 happy hour deals and has a diverse food menu. I’ve enjoyed a tuna sashimi salad, chicken empanadas, and a grouper sandwich on different occasions.


Eating at ABC

A good friend from San Francisco came to visit in early September. We opted for a quieter outing to Eagle Beach. Eagle Beach is near the low-rise hotels, so the views are less obstructed and it is less crowded than Palm Beach, but there is less in terms of bars and restaurants. We were able to snag an umbrella and two chairs for $20 (after refusing an offer for $40). We spent a few hours enjoying the shade, a light breeze, and the sapphire blue water. I fell asleep listening to the waves, and was reluctant to leave!


View from Moomba Beach

My last beach day in Aruba was spent at Moomba Beach Club at Palm Beach with my roommate. Beach chairs are just $5 each, and the club offers food and drinks at decent prices. Our bartender was quite rude and lost our tab, but a sweet bar server made up for him. We were treated to a free round of the house punch as an apology for mistakes in our order. The sun was hot, but the Aruba winds were blowing, keeping us comfortable. The water was perfect—not too hot, not too cold. Despite the service, I had a beautiful day at the beach, and will probably return for my last Aruba port day.


My weekly treat

No stop in Aruba is complete for me without a trip to Gelatissimo Bistro. I stumbled upon the bistro at the beginning of my contract when I was going to Mac. I stopped eating dairy products a few years ago, so gelato is a big treat for me! The bistro has many fruit based (dairy-free) flavors. The servers have tolerated me asking questions and have given me samples week after week. Their flavors are so rich and creamy that I feel like I’m actually eating ice cream. I have now been there so many times that they welcome me back and point out new dairy-free flavors. In addition to gelato, they have a full bar, well-priced food, espresso drinks, and more! If you find yourself in Oranjestad, I recommend a stop.


At the bistro

I always leave Aruba with a smile on my face (and slight burn on my skin). It is no wonder why it is called “One Happy Island”. I’m looking forward to my final 2 visits in October! Stay tuned for my next Aruba adventure: skydiving!

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