Beach Day Every Day

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting some fantastic beaches in the past 2 months. Here are some of the highlights!


Beach bum

Rodney Bay- Castries, St. Lucia


Rodney Bay

This beach was flanked by lush green hills. We walked down to the end to find a quiet space, where we could play with a ball and swim undisturbed. The downside was that finding restaurants that didn’t require hotel memberships was difficult. A boat selling fresh fruit helped keep our hunger at bay! Although it wasn’t the best beach I’ve visited, it was very enjoyable.


Fruit boat

Emerald Beach- Charlotte-Amalie, St. Thomas


Emerald Beach

Emerald Beach is very close to the cruise port, making it ideal on a busy day. The cab ride is just 5 minutes, and beach access through the hotels is simple. We were able to get food and drinks from the hotels, buy cheap lounge chairs for the day, and enjoy the beautiful blue water. I was there on a slightly overcast day, but still thought the beach was lovely.

Grand-Case- French Side, St. Martin



Grand-Case beach is small but private. We were dropped at a restaurant that also rented out chairs and umbrellas. The chair fee was waived if you ordered food, which luckily, was fantastic. I ate salmon tartar with avocado and a side salad. The fresh salmon was incredible—it melted in my mouth—and the quality for the price was remarkable. The water was crystal blue with a few rocks at the bottom. Sailboats were anchored in the water ahead, and green hills were on both sides. The beach was quiet and beautiful, somewhere I’d gladly return.


Cheerful colors


Amazing meal

Dickenson Bay Beach- St. John’s, Antigua


Dickenson Bay

I have now been to Dickenson Bay twice, and both times the weather has been fantastic. The water is a rich blue, slightly chilly, and the sand is white and powdery. The beach is stunning, especially if you walk to the end, where an old phone booth is situated on a cliff. Chairs and umbrellas do not come cheap, but if you are prepared to bargain, you can cut a decent price. Horseback rides along the beach are advertised, though I never inquired for details. Drinks are slightly overpriced, especially the local beer (it’s terrible!), but the beauty of the beach outweighs all the negatives. Both of my visits were a lot of fun, and I certainly would go back.


Turquoise water

Jolly Harbor- St. John’s, Antigua


At Jolly Harbor

I ended up on another catamaran tour in Antigua with some of the Cruise Division. This one took us on a ride to Jolly Harbor and then to a private beach. The harbor was beautiful. I wished my Zillow application had worked, so I could’ve done some house hunting! We were then taken to a private beach—and I mean private. There were no buildings, no people, just sand, water, rocks, and trees. We were able to swim and snorkel in peace. It was a gorgeous day, one of many amazing outings in Antigua.


Happy girl!

I definitely miss the Caribbean when I return to the States next month!

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