A Little Help From My Friends

Although I’m thrilled with my cast and am enjoying getting to know them, I’ve started feeling a little homesick.  I miss my friends and my “normal” life.  Don’t get too concerned, I think exhaustion has just made me emotional.  Luckily, my friends in SF loaded me up with lots of little goodies that make me smile when I’m feeling blue.

Emergency kit and sunscreen

Emergency kit and sunscreen

At my going away party, I was given a few items that I would not have thought to buy myself, but that I really appreciate having.  The masterminds behind the party gave me a big bottle of sunscreen, to protect my oh-so delicate skin.  I’ve been applying some everyday before walking to the studio, and while I’ve still gotten a bit of color, this lovely banana scented bottle is the thing saving me from becoming a lobster.  Best of all, it makes me think of the awesome girls that gave it to me.

One of my other girls gave me a cute little baggy full of bandaids, motion sickness medicine, mints, and various other emergency items.  The bag is adorable, and all of the items were really thoughtful.  I’ve already gone through a pack of mints!

Knapsack of Hope

Lovely reminders

Another very close friend came to town to help me pack up my apartment.  She knew my bags were full, so she sent me the above photo with some sweet little reminders, rather than actual objects.  It came on a day that I was feeling pretty overwhelmed, and succeeded in restoring my hope and happiness.


“The Ferngully Tree”

Each evening when I walk home from the rehearsal studios, I smile as I walk past what I’ve dubbed “The Ferngully Tree”.  This bizarre, twisted tree reminds me of my sisters, and watching Ferngully with them when we were young.  I can’t wait for them to come visit in a few weeks!


My little room

My little bedroom is far from “homey”, so it’s been nice having these reminders of my support system.  While I’m still suffering from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), I know these friends and family members will be available to encourage me while I’m away, and will be around when I return in 8 months.

To my friends and family, thank you and I love you!

8 thoughts on “A Little Help From My Friends

  1. Casey: How beautiful you write. You are very much in my thoughts. In fact, I almost wrote you yesterday to say so. The more you share the easier it will be. Lots of love

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