I Can See Clearly Now

Since my last post, I’ve been more than a little frustrated.  I seem to have scratched my right eye, so I’ve been unable to wear my right contact lense.  I’ve been wearing my glasses as much as possible, but can’t dance in them.  The safest/most productive option has been to wear just my left contact at the studio, and rely on one eye.  My depth perception has been skewed, and it’s been hard to pick up details when learning new movement.



As a dancer, I learned quickly how to handle injuries.  I know how to decrease pain and inflammation (RICE!), and when to push through discomfort.  I can deal with injuries, but with eyes… I’m at a loss!  There’s nothing I can do to make them heal faster.

While I was struggling, we learned a quickstep and a pasadoble.  Both styles were brand new to me!  They are really fun, but I had a hard time feeling confident, especially with the lifts!  My partners were very helpful and understanding, and I know there’s nowhere to go from here but up.  I have video footage from rehearsals, so I’ve been watching and taking notes on what I need to work on.



After a difficult couple days, I was thankful for the weekend!  My roommate and I went downtown for a drink Saturday night and spoke with some amusing locals.  Sunday we took the bus out to the beach.  It poured down rain when we first arrived, but luckily I had an umbrella in my bag.  We still ended up quite wet!

Drenched en route

Drenched en route

Once the clouds dispersed, it was beautiful!  It was nice to have time to relax and crack open my giant book.  I loved having some time in the sun.  Even with multiple applications of 2 sunscreens, I got a bit of color.  It was worth it though!

Big book, burned legs, and beach!

Big book, burned legs, and beach!

I enjoyed a lazy Sunday afternoon and am looking forward to an early morning Monday.  We’re doing a short ballroom workshop, then continuing with the Movies show.

In many ways, I can see clearly now… my lack of physical focus has allowed me to hone in on what I need to mentally focus on.  Hopefully this awareness will make the remaining weeks of rehearsal even better!

Putting this week behind me

Putting this week behind me

One thought on “I Can See Clearly Now

  1. Casey: You certainly are being challenged. Fortunately you are being supported by your positive attitude: This posting does take me back to my early opera days when we were rehearsing for a four month tour of Die Fledermaus – one-night stands during the winter months in Canada and the US. While mypart was not physically strenuous, like your is, the newness and learning curve was huge. And, yes, I loved it because I knew I was doing what I had long wanted to do: work in opera. It’s great to see how that deep desire of yours to dance is truly being served. BRAVO AND LOVE

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