It Takes Two

I’ve had unimpaired vision since Wednesday (hallelujah!), and have been trying to pick up any slack from my days of partial blindness.  My rehearsal schedule has also picked up, so I’ve been very grateful that my body is finally cooperating.  We’ve been working on a Ballroom section and a Latin section for the Movies show, so I’ve been doing a lot of partnering!

Battle wounds

Battle wounds

There is always an adjustment period when working with a new partner, so learning 2 new styles with 3 different partners has been quite an experience!  My partners have been great, but we’re still working out some kinks.  In our attempts to master some of the more complicated lifts, I’ve developed some very colorful bruises!  I’ve also been acutely aware of my own faults and weaknesses.

Girls' Night

Girls’ Night

Due to exhaustion and the unavoidable signs of my own imperfection, I’ve been a bit emotional this week!  I needed a good cry, and luckily wasn’t alone.  My roommates and I kicked back one night with homemade brownies and The Notebook.  After chocolate, a few tears, and 2 hours of Ryan Gosling’s face, life seemed a lot better.

Searching for normalcy

Searching for normalcy

With so many new styles being thrown at me, I’ve been craving something familiar.  For me, that means a bit of ballet.  I have gotten critiques about my dancing being too “pretty” and too balletic, so I’m trying to balance barre with jazzier warm ups and conditioning.  I’ve also been trying to hone my “beast” status, “fierce” energy, and inner “sexy kitten”.  It’s been… amusing.

Since some of you enjoyed the song I shared last week, I decided to post another!  This has been one of my warm down jams this week.  The band (Slow Club) is awesome, and the video shows a different side of Daniel Radcliffe (you will soon know what drunk Harry Potter looks like).  Hope you like it!

4 thoughts on “It Takes Two

  1. Hi Casey. You are being given some amazing challenges and forge ahead you go. Bravo. I love your blogs. You tell it as it is. With all of this training and performing maybe the next step is auditioning in New York for a Broadway musical. You are certainly being trained for something different. xxxxx

    • It certainly is different/challenging! I’m actually considering New York. I need to learn to sing before trying Broadway, but will definitely audition for Rockettes again. We’ll see!

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