Intro to New Zealand

Beautiful view in Wellington

Beautiful view in Wellington

The first cruise with New Zealand ports was very busy for my cast!  We were installing Mystery Theater, re-blocking shows due to injuries, and still doing our regularly scheduled performances and parades.  As a result, I chose to save my energy and take it easy when I was on land.  Even though I haven’t done many touristy activities, I’ve loved my time in New Zealand so far!

Walking in Wellington

Walking in Wellington

I’ve now stopped twice in Wellington.  The port is a just a short walk from downtown, so it’s very easy to get out and explore the beautiful city.  The color of the ocean is shockingly blue, and the weather has been sunny and warm, just how I like it!  I’ve found great shops, delicious food, and plenty of lovely views.

Breakfast of champions.  Eggs benedict

Breakfast of champions. Eggs benedict

One of the other New Zealand ports is in a small town called Tarangua.  There is one main road that leads to the beach and has a variety of restaurants and shops.  I’ve spent my time there sitting on a patio and napping on the beach.  The living has been easy!  I hope to have the energy to climb a mountain next time we are in Tarangua.  I’ve heard the views from the top will be stunning.

The beach in Tarangua

The beach in Tarangua

Auckland has been another great port for shopping.  I splurged on a bit of retail therapy our first day in Auckland.  The last time we were there, and group of friends and I went to see “Catching Fire”, the new Hunger Games movie.  It was surprisingly exciting to go to the movies.  I felt so “normal”!  We ended the day with burritos and margaritas at a restaurant on the water.  It was a fun, simple day.  The next time we stop there, I plan to go wine tasting on Waihiki Island!

Margaritas in Auckland

Margaritas in Auckland

I’m looking forward to more excitement in the coming weeks in New Zealand.  Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Intro to New Zealand

  1. Doesn’t surprise me that you are enjoying the simplicity of New Zealand. You are living such an intensive life – the contrast obviously is just what you need. Good for you for looking after yourself!!!

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