Sounds Like Hallelujah

Last week, we sailed through Milford Sounds in New Zealand.  It was stunningly beautiful!  Here are some of my photos for you to enjoy.  Play the youtube clip for some mood music!




View from the back of the ship

So beautiful

So lovely

Can you see the ice?

Can you see the ice?

Enjoying the view

Enjoying the view

3 thoughts on “Sounds Like Hallelujah

  1. Oh my goodness. The views are spectacular. I am off to Canada on Tuesday for 2 weeks – will be hanging out on two islands which means rustic and cold outside and roaring fires inside. Where will you be? Have your parents joined you yet?

    • Have fun in Canada! That sounds like it will be a great trip. I’ll be in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji for the next few weeks. My parents won’t be able to come see me on the ship, but they’ll meet me in SF when I fly home! Miss you!

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