The Good Life

My first stop in Spain was in Malaga.  I went out with my Spanish friend and a few other girls in search of food and sunshine.

In a park in Malaga

In a park in Malaga

We took a shuttle bus to the downtown area, and ended up walking halfway back to the port to get to the beach.  The walk was lovely, though.  We strolled through a little park, full of flowers. 



Our first stop was a small restaurant on the beach.  I left it up to the Spaniard in the group to order something tasty for me.  We ended up all sharing a few things.  The highlight of the meal for me was sangria, but I also had some tasty fried calamari, tortilla de patata, and for the first time ever, tried fried sardines.  They were surprisingly good!  We also were able to watch them be cooked, right on the beach. 

Sangria.  One of the best things about Spain!

Sangria. One of the best things about Spain!

Fried fish

Fried fish

After eating, we walked straight onto the sand.  I’m not good at sitting still, so I left my things with my friends, and walked the entire length of the beach, wading my feet in the water.  I was able to do some people watching and really enjoy the fresh air. 

On the beach

On the beach

After a couple hours, we walked back to the ship.  It was a simple day, but a great one.  Life in the Mediterranean is alright with me!

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