Captivated by Cannes

One of the first ports of this cruise was Cannes, France.  We’ve had some extra work for the past 2 weeks, so my friend and I were excited to get out and relax.  She was craving some sunshine, and I was in need of good food.  We were both satisfied by the end of the day!

Brilliant beach

Brilliant beach

We had to take a tender boat from the ship to shore.  On the boat, we spoke with a guest that recognized us from our show the night before.  She is a singer at clubs back home, so she had a real appreciation for the arts.  It was nice to talk to a fan!

Once on land, we started perusing the menus at restaurants near the beach.  We settled on a small restaurant with a covered patio.  I ordered mussels, which ended up being large enough to feed a family of 5, and my friend had a pizza.  The food was great, as was the house rose we both ordered.

Giant pot of mussels

Giant pot of mussels

While we were eating, we spoke with a couple that is cruising on our ship.  They were very friendly, and upon learning that we were dancers, asked if they can get a photo with us after tonight’s performance.  It was very flattering.

We're famous

We’re famous

After lunch, we went looking for a good wi-fi spot.  We found a small cafe that fit the bill, so we ordered some beers, sat outside, and took some time to connect with the outside world.  Once we were satisfied, we bought 2 beers to go, then headed to the beach.

Walking on sunshine

Walking on sunshine

The beach was absolutely beautiful.  I could have stayed there for hours!  The temperature was perfect, the sun was shining, a light breeze was blowing, and waves were crashing in.  I took off my shoes to enjoy feeling the sand between my toes. I didn’t want to leave!

Perfect way to end the day

Perfect way to end the day

It was a simple day out in a fantastic city.  Cannes has joined the list of places I must return to!

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