Crepe Day

To celebrate a friend’s birthday on Sunday, I put together a small group for brunch. At the recommendation of a local friend, we went to La Bonne Crepe on Las Olas Boulevard.

Outside the restaurant

Outside the restaurant

We were seated instantly, which is always a pleasant surprise on a Sunday! I ordered an espresso and a shockingly large mimosa garnished with a big, fresh strawberry. For my meal, I had a spinach and mushroom omelet served with toast and home fries.

Delicious plate of food

Delicious plate of food

I tore myself away from my plate to answer a call from my boy. He had spent the previous day traveling home from his ship, so I was anxious to hear how he was. Learning he was home safe and sound lightened my mood for the rest of the day!

After brunch, we strolled along Las Olas. We went into some shops, and I was tempted to buy a very cute, although uncharacteristically pink, dress. One of the girls was unable to resist a few items. While she was checking out, we befriended the sales girl. I hope to return to her shop again this contract. Next time I’ll remember the name!

Cute hotel on Las Olas

Cute hotel on Las Olas

About a block later, we came upon a gelateria. Since the birthday boy was Italian, we had to go in! I checked out the pretty pastries, and enviously eyed his large cup of gelato. He was pleased with the authenticity of it, and I was happy to see him smile.

We continued to Starbucks for a wifi break. I spoke with some family, checked in again with my man, and then joined the others at CVS. After stocking up on essential snacks for the week, we went back to the crew drop-off point. We ran a few more errands there before taking the shuttle back to the ship.

Cheers to a great day!

Cheers to a great day!

It was another beautiful and grounding day in Fort Lauderdale. I hope to explore more of the shops and restaurants on Las Olas soon.


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