I Would Walk 500 Miles

In Grand Cayman, I woke up early to prepare for a beach day. Sunscreen application takes me a good ten minutes, so I gave myself an hour to get ready for our 9:30 departure. We had to take tender boats from the ship, so we were trying to get out before the shore excursions clogged up the gangway.

Ships in Grand Cayman

Ships in Grand Cayman

My friends and I stopped for a quick coffee upon reaching land. We then hopped in a cab, headed for 7-Mile Beach, a beach that, unsurprisingly, spans seven miles. A friend from the ice cast had told us to get dropped by an Irish pub. When we exited the cab, we learned that the beach by the pub is private.

We started walking away from the ship, hoping to come to a public beach area. Since it was a nice day, not too hot, and we were able to wade in the water as we walked, we continued a long way. After traveling about a mile, we stopped for a quick dip. The cool water was so clear, I could see the ocean floor!

Beautiful blue water

Beautiful blue water

Once we had cooled off, we continued our walk. We ended up walking over three miles before our hunger got the best of us. The last tender boat for crew was leaving at 2:30, so we decided to go back early to avoid getting stuck. We made it back on the ship and changed clothes just in time to fill our plates at the mess before they closed the lines.

Private beach

Private beach

Although it was a short day, it was a gorgeous one! The sand, water, and weather were all wonderful. I’m looking forward to another day at 7-Mile Beach soon!

2 thoughts on “I Would Walk 500 Miles

  1. Hi:

    How divine. I can remember finding beaches like that in Hawaii. I, too, loved walking in the water along them. My goodness you have a special life. Guess what? in SF it’s been 80 degrees. Yup. shorts weather. I don’t even see the fog lingering. Hmnmm

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