Caribbean Coffee Breaks

My first day out in Falmouth, Jamaica, I was looking for two things: coffee and, once again, wifi. The port area has been built up with shops and restaurants, and has wifi available for purchase. There are a couple secret crew locations that I decided to test out. Before hunting for a signal, I went to find coffee.

Falmouth, Jamaica

Falmouth, Jamaica

I had heard good things about Blue Mountain Coffee, so I went to the store. They conveniently left prices off their menu so unbeknownst to me I ordered a $6 iced coffee. It was good, but drastically overpriced! I’ve been warned that all food and drinks in Falmouth are priced high.

With my $6 coffee in hand, I walked over to secret wifi spot #1. I was having trouble connecting to the network, so I quickly moved along to secret spot #2. Here, I was able to get online and send a few messages, but quickly got frustrated because the network kept fading in and out. After a few minutes, I had had enough, and I spent the rest of my time out perusing jewelry at Diamonds International. If anyone is planning to propose to me, I now know the kind of ring I want!

Nice view in Cozumel

Nice view in Cozumel

Later that week, I went out in Cozumel, Mexico for the first time. It was overcast, so I opted to get food and wifi with some friends, instead of trying to do something more adventurous. We went to Rock ‘n Java, a regular crew stop.

Rock'n Java

Rock’n Java

I ordered a mimosa and the deluxe breakfast plate, since I rarely wake up for breakfast on the ship. The eggs, bacon, and French toast were extremely satisfying! I was able to catch up on a few more emails, messages, and such before heading back to the ship for a nap.

Deluxe Breakfast

Deluxe Breakfast

Although my port outings weren’t very exciting, they allowed me to connect with friends and family back home. Sometimes a message from Mom is just as satisfying as a day at the beach!

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