Forever Young

My birthday this year fell in the middle of a marathon week of celebrations. We had 4 cast birthdays in 8 days!

The night before my birthday, we performed our fairy tale themed show. The audiences were great, so I was in an excellent mood. We finished backstage just before midnight. I changed my clothes and went straight to the crew bar to meet my friends.

Red Riding Hood section

Red Riding Hood section

I was out late, but my roommate stayed with me to make sure I got home safely. The next morning, we slept in and then made our way to Columbus Cove in Labadee. A lot of my friends and cast mates met us there, and we enjoyed a day of swimming and sunbathing. I had a bit of a workout wrestling a friend for control of a floating mat!

Columbus Cove in Labadee

Columbus Cove in Labadee

I returned to the ship to take a much needed nap. That evening, my roommate and I took our time getting dressed up, and then went to catch the end of a headliner show. After the show, we went up to the Michael Kors shop on the Promenade so I could pick up a new purse, a gift from my parents. When we exited the shop, we saw our Cruise Director and Activities Manager filming the Morning Show. They pulled us into the shot, gave us cupcake samples, wished me a happy birthday, and proceeded to make fun of me.

Friends at dinner

Friends at dinner

When we escaped the filming, we went up to the Italian restaurant. My friend from sales and I share the same birthday, and he arranged a dinner for over 20 people. The staff at the restaurant knows my cast well from Mystery Theater, so they were very attentive. We ate a delicious 4 course meal, enjoyed some nice wine, and then I was surprised with a cake. It was a wonderful night!

Birthday cake

Birthday cake

All in all, my birthday celebration was pretty perfect. I missed my family and my boyfriend, but felt so much love from my friends onboard. It was one of my best birthdays yet!


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