Disappearing Act


Bal Harbour, Florida

At long last, I have returned. You may have noticed that this is my first post of 2017. You may also realize that it’s October. October is the tenth month of the year. So where have I been? This was a long and challenging ten months, and I needed to stay fully present in the moment. Now, however, I’m on vacation and can go back to reflect and share my adventures from this year!


Happy New Year!  Ringing in 2017

December 30, I started the seven-week rehearsal period in Miami. Time flew by! I went out in Miami less frequently than I have in past years, but still had some fun experiences.


Cocktails at the Ritz

My best weekend was when Mom came to visit! We stayed at the Bal Harbour Ritz Carlton, a beautiful hotel on the water. The hotel had great views and a nice bar with outdoor seating. My good friend and former roommate joined us there for cocktails and dinner one night. The evening ended with a firework show on the water in celebration of the anniversary of Bal Harbour. Good food, good drinks, good friends, and fireworks? I was a happy girl!


Firework Show

One of the other nights Mom was in town, we met some family friends at Joey’s Italian for a delicious dinner before exploring the Wynwood Walls. Wynwood is now a trendy neighborhood, home to small art galleries, murals, and hip restaurants. It had been recommended for years, but I hadn’t had time to make the trip in the past. The stop was well worth it, although the crowds made it difficult to really appreciate the art on display.


Wynwood Walls

The day before I flew to Sydney to join my new ship, I had the day off! Conveniently, that day a few friends of mine were in port in Fort Lauderdale. I met a few friends from Freedom for brunch at a small Italian restaurant, before joining up with a buddy from Harmony. He signed me on for a tour of the ship. It was HUGE! I was shocked, and honestly a bit overwhelmed, by the magnitude of the ship. It was fun to walk around, but I don’t think I’d enjoy working on a ship that size. I prefer the more “homey” feel of the Voyager class. But let’s be honest, I’m biased!


Promenade on the Harmony

Rehearsals, grocery shopping, and sleeping consumed the rest of my time in Miami. I needed my rest for the excitement that followed! Up next: Sydney, Australia!

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