Eating My Way Through AUS


Sydney Harbor Bridge

My first contract I was able to explore many of the tourist attractions in Sydney. This time, I mostly just wandered… And ate… A lot. Working on ships, you lose touch with reality in so many ways, that any semblance of regular life is highly sought after. There’s something really refreshing about doing “normal” things. After living in San Francisco for years, exploring restaurants, cafes, and bars became part of my normal. In Sydney, that’s exactly what I did!


View of Coogee Beach


Delicious calamari!

We arrived in Sydney in the morning, and didn’t have to join the ship until the following day. I dropped off my luggage at the hotel, and then ran errands with a few of the local girls. We went to K-Mart, where I stocked up on linens and home décor for my cabin, and the grocery store for cleaning products and snacks. That evening, a few cast members and I went to Coogee Pavilion. We enjoyed a tasty dinner, ordering from different vendors, and had some great cocktails on the outdoor patio upstairs. The views of the beach were spectacular, and the weather was perfect—warm with a light breeze. It was a wonderful night of celebration before joining the ship.


Espresso Martini at The Glenmore

On two separate occasions, I was able to meet up with my best friend from high school, who now lives and works in Sydney. We hadn’t seen each other in years, so it was very special to be able to catch up on the other side of the world! One of the days we met up, we went to lunch at The Glenmore, a trendy bar/restaurant on the Rocks. We had some delicious espresso martinis, which they serve on tap, and massive burgers. We sat at a table in the shade on the sunny, terraced roof. It was an awesome lunch in a beautiful location. We had views of the Opera House, Harbor Bridge, and my ship!


Beer at Endeavour Tap Rooms


Nice view of the street

Also on the Rocks is Endeavour Tap Rooms. I stopped there for lunch on my own one day. I had a nice pint of amber ale, some fresh oysters, and a chicken-pesto sandwich. I snagged a seat in the window, and enjoyed people watching. There was a market of sorts on the street outside, so there were plenty of people roaming around!


Walking around the Rocks

Most of the days we were in Sydney this year, it was raining. Thus, I didn’t explore as much as I’d hoped. I still loved my time there! Beyond just the tourist attractions, there are a lot of gems in the city!

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