Highlights of the Adventure

I had plenty of remarkable days while working on the Adventure, but were truly extraordinary.  I’ve been thinking back on the last few months, and have come up with some places and activities that deserve special recognition.

Best Beaches

In my 5+ months in the Southern Caribbean, I went to many beaches!  Below are a few of my favorites.


Dickenson Bay


Palm Beach


View of Nevis from Cockelshell Beach

Biggest Thrills

Although it was lovely to have so many relaxing beach days, I enjoyed working up a sweat.  Whether from hiking or flying, it was nice to get my heart rate up!


Waterfall at El Yunque


Skydiving in Aruba

Best Museums

I was raised in a museum-loving family.  When I lived in Fort Worth and San Francisco, I would frequently go to modern art museums when I needed to recharge.  Although they were not frequented by cruisers, especially crew members, I found some excellent, interesting museums in the Caribbean!


El Museo de Arte


Kura Hulanda

Best View


Timothy Hill

Most Fun

I had fun for most of the 5 and a half months I spent on the Adventure, however, the best concentrated fun was on catamaran tours.  In two hours, you pile on a boat with a bunch of friends, enjoy an open bar, sail to private beaches, and soak in the sun.


On the catamaran in Antigua


Happy girl on a boat

I’m sad the Adventure is over, but am grateful for the memories I have from not one, but two contracts on board!

Feel free to comment if you would like any other information about my favorite Southern Caribbean ports.

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